Kangertech VOCC Dual Replacement Coils


KangerTech is offering an upgraded version of its dual coil atomizers so customers can enjoy a more superb vaping experience from their existing Kanger tanks. It’s time to replace your stock coils with the new Kanger VOCC dual coil atomizers. These replacement coils are made with 100% Japanese organic cotton wicks instead of the old silica fiber. That alone ensures a more flavorful vape.

The coils in these Kanger VOCC atomizers are also arranged vertically to allow you to fire up to higher wattages without getting a burned flavor.

Another innovation from KangerTech is Enclosed Wick (EC) technology that features a stainless steel inner screen. This produces great flavor and prolongs the lifespan of the coil so it lasts longer than standard dual-coil replacements.

The Kanger dual VOCC replacement coil is available in four resistances:

  • 0.8Ω
  • 1.2 Ω
  • 1.5 Ω
  • 1.8 Ω

Sold in

Packs of Five or Individually

, Kanger dual VOCC replacement coil heads are compatible with the following tanks:

  • AeroTank
  • AeroTank Mini
  • AeroTank Mega
  • AeroTank v2
  • AeroTank Giant
  • AeroTank Turbo
  • AeroTank Mow 1.8ml
  • AeroTank Mow Mega 2.8ml
  • EVOD 2
  • EVOD Mega
  • EVOD Glass
  • EMOW
  • GeniTank (V2)
  • GeniTank Mini
  • GeniTank Mega
  • GeniTank Giant
  • ProTank 3
  • Mini ProTank 3
  • SubTank V1 25mm
  • T3D

Advantages of Vertical Organic Cotton Coils (VOCC)

Better wicking:

Vertical organic cotton coils take up less space on the build deck so there’s more room for stuffing more cotton around the coil. While horizontal coils can only fit a tiny shred of cotton through the center vacuum, a longer and thicker sheet of cotton can be spooled between the vertical coil and around the wall.

If you have more cotton, it means your coil can absorb more juice. With VOCC systems, it’s like having an additional reservoir for your e-liquid. The cotton coil is also pushed back so you’ll have more juice sitting around it, waiting to be heated.

Better Airflow:

The position of your coil can dramatically influence the flow of air inside the atomizer. With horizontal coils, the air has to split and cut around the coil. This often results in gurgling and back spits. Vertical coils allow the air to travel straight through the center of the coil for a cleaner and smoother draw.

Vertical coils work best with atomizers where air feed holes are located directly below the coil. The coil wrapped in organic cotton placed directly over the air holes enables you to draw air through the coil for a purer vape.

Bigger Vapor:

Vertical organic cotton coils can handle higher wattage than the original Kanger dual coils. VOCC atomizers enable you to hit pretty hard without the dry hits or burnt taste.

VOCC heads are also guaranteed to produce thicker vapor than OCC heads in the same wattage rating so you can save on battery power.

More Flavor:

Since VOCC technology allows air to travel directly through the coil, the enhanced flavor allows you to savor the true undertones of your e-liquid.

Disadvantages of Vertical Organic Cotton Coils (VOCC)

Cotton wicks deliver phenomenal flavor and vapor production compared to silica but they can take more time to absorb juice. This is where priming plays a crucial role.

If you already have an existing Kanger Tank, you most likely have stocks of the original silica-based coils. Now that you are transitioning to organic cotton wicks, it is recommended that you take slightly longer breaks in between puffs.

Vertical organic cotton coils offer plenty of benefits at no extra cost. Once you try them out, you are probably never going back to horizontal coils ever again.

Package Contents:

1 x 5-Pack VOCC Replacement Coils (ohm of choice)


1 x Single QTY VOCC Coil (ohm of choice)

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